Victoria Beckham - UFO Visiting Their House

Although busy with their baby, three other sons, also time-consuming job, apparently the celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham can still spend time looking at the sky. In fact, both say they saw a UFO above their house!

Shocked by a foreign object, which reportedly floated on top of their house, the former Spice Girls who now works as a designer is took time to photograph and post the picture via her personal Twitter account.

"There's a UFO hovering over our house last night! X vb," wrote the mother of four children with the pictures she took.

Some media responded to this Victoria statement and state that there could be no UFO above their home in Beverly Hills. Their home region, including areas not usually 'visited' UFO. However, just maybe, as reported by Splashnews, Victoria wrong saw a helicopter, which is usually pacing in this region

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