The Tomb Glance Sylvester Stallone as Main Actor

Studio attempted to approach Sylvester Stallone after failing to approach two-action star. If willing, Stallone will be starring movie called The Tomb. So far, this project still does not have a certainty but to see the persistence of the studio seems this film would also circulated later.

At first The Tomb project associated with director Antoine Fuqua who had directed BROOKLYN’S FINEST movie. Then Bruce Willis referred as main actor of this film despite recent Bruce place replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Later, Arnold seemed more interested in the LAST STAND and Sylvester Stallone's turn to be the next candidate.

 There is no certainty whether Stallone would accept this offer but the Empire proclaim if Antoine Fuqua’s resigned and choose HUNTER KILLER deal with Gerard Butler.

The Tomb itself is about a designer who successfully make the prison with super-sophisticated security systems and cannot be penetrated. Ironically, the designer eventually end up in prison for a crime he never did

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