To Protect Android, Google Acquires Motorola

Giant online search and web advertising, Google, has acquired Motorola's Mobility Services in August this year. The total cost incurred by Google was $ 12.5 billion ($ 40 per share), attracted the attention of all the hardware industry worldwide. Currently Google is targeting to increase the hardware industry, having previously made a strong foundation in software platform, Android.

This merger will put them in a strong position in the competition with Android partners such as LG, HTC and Samsung. Android has gained much popularity since its first presence. Merger Google with Motorola will benefit Google in many.

 Just as Google in the process include its influence in the hardware industry, this step more likely to increase higher stock with Googorola (a nickname for the merger of Google and Motorola).

Many experts feel that Google's move is to protect Android from anti-competitive threats from other large companies like Apple and Microsoft. Although this is a big leap for Google, they still must be vigilant if they experience failure as a joint venture.

In his blog, Larry Page, Google's CEO and founder explained that Motorola has become the market leader in home devices, video business solutions, and communications technology in addition to being the dominant player in android ecosystem that has been applied to all of their smartphones.

Larry also confirmed that the android would remain open platform for a success with various hardware partners.

According to Motorola, the company has approximately 14,600 patents and pending patents around 6700. Motorola use Android since November 2009 and is truly dedicated to open source platforms since then. It is a commitment that has made Google joins with Motorola.

Maybe Google is trying to repair its reputation now by putting its influence in Motorola.

Google is also want to protect Android through patents. They do not want to lose to some rival companies like Apple and Microsoft in a recent auction by the telecommunications company Nortel. This is the way for Google to protect android.

Google still needs patent protection, and it does not stop just by buying Motorola. Moreover, we hope that this merger will be profitable for Google and Motorola.

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