Selfish & Aggressive Key to Shining Career?

A study indicates that personality influence to career development in the future. Selfish Employees and aggressive personality make them become unlike person, but they tend to make a brilliant career.

Employees with an attractive and friendly personality make it less attractive to get a promotion. Employees of this type also tend to be overlooked for promotions. The researchers found that aggressive behavior is implicitly showed strength, while the altruistic considered as weakness.

Research conducted Kellogg School of Management, Stanford Business School and Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business. This study aims to decide the personality associated with leadership.
In three series of experiments, participants placed in groups. The researchers then analyzed the behaviors that represent them, how does one keep up his place and how they give to the group.

The result, they who have friendly personalities are most popular in the group. However, they also considered the most weak and easily fooled. While people with dominant and aggressive behavior seen as a personality “alpha” or leader.
Robert Livingston, from the Kellogg School, said,”Becoming selfish makes you seem more dominant and make you look more attractive as a leader, especially when there is competition,” he told Today. He added,”On an unconscious person to close that kindness is weakness.”

Livingston believes, the tendency of aggressiveness with the leadership can explain the reasons why someone did corruption. "People who tend to be moral, good, and prosocial most likely not chosen for leadership roles," he said.

"That raises the possibility that corruption and irregularities occurred because we have the wrong leaders."
But, Rob Kaplan, a former director at Goldman Sachs and professor at Harvard Business School, disagrees with the concept. "I do not believe that the bad-minded people to spend time to become a leader. I believe the opposite".

He explained the ideal values for leader candidate. "I'm not suggesting you become a good man to become a leader. But, I think you should have integrity, value, can work with others, and develop the potential of people, “he said.

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