Rihanna Admitted "Like" Her New Video Clip Model

Do not be surprised if soon you will see Rihanna walking hand in hand with a Dudley O'Shaughnessy, her models in music videos. That is because Rihanna recently admitted that she liked the model!

Rihanna and Dudley - We Found Love

The fans made a little shocked by the video clip for Rihanna's new song, We Found Love. Male models in these clips appear similar with her former boyfriend, Chris Brown, including the color of curly blond hair cut short.

Since the video clip was made, several news mentions that Rihanna deliberately chose Dudley be a model because it was 'put her heart' from the beginning. Chemistry they showed in the video clip with many hot scenes also seems real, like lovers.

Once silence long enough, eventually singer from Barbados was admitted also that she likes Dudley. "I met him and I thought, 'What the hell, let's kiss' and you know. We have to pretend and intimate scenes," Rihanna said to The Sun.

The proximity of the two becomes more visible, like when they were together at a club after Riana performed at the O2 Arena, which ended when both seen together to Riana Hotel.

image courtesy dailymail.co.uk

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