Lost Control, Demi Moore Attack Photographer

Cases of violence perpetrated by celebrities to the media are often the case. Feeling annoyed with reporters, often an artist's emotional loss, so do improperly deeds. This is what happened to Demi Moore.

demi moore bush pic

Reporting from Contactmusic, Ashton Kutcher's wife reported hit and robbed one of photographer camera who follows her way to a salon. At that time, Demi looked very angry as a result annoyed with the paparazzi who tried to take her picture.

"Demi Moore is really crazy. She really lost control. I just standing at her side and tried to take pictures, but she really crazy. He tried to jump out at me and grab my camera," said the paparazzi to X17online.com.

At this time, the issue of domestic rift is dogging Demi Moore with her husband because her husband caught having an affair during their sixth marriage anniversary celebration on September 24.

Their divorce case could go to court, but until now, they still live together. Ashton himself is now busy with the TV series titled TWO AND A HALF MEN.

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