Jessica Donaldson - New Prince Harry Girlfriend

Prince Harry, Prince William's brother appears to have tying his heart to Jessica Donaldson, brown-haired girl from San Diego. They met for the first time on the sidelines of Harry flight training to pursue a career in the military.

Jessica Donaldson - New Prince Harry Girlfriend

Harry first met 27 years old pretty girl when she was partying in a club, Ivy Club Andaz Hotel. Jessica works as a girl at the cocktail bar. Prince Harry's choice of course is a unique choice, especially Jessica has wildflowers tattoo on the right body.

 Since their first meeting, they both decided to go out, exchanging affectionate sms, and of course kissing. A source told The Sun said,”She is a fun and easy to blend. Everything evolved from there."

Harry, who previously dated Chelsy Davy has been a long time in the United States to undergo training to fly Apache helicopters. He will be in training camp for 2 weeks before moving to Arizona. Do not want to waste the time that he had, Harry has reportedly asked his new girlfriend dating at Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach last weekend. They both seem drink tequila and cold beer on the balcony while enjoying the convenience while enjoying the comfort of the venue.

As reported by, Harry has devoted his attention to the girl. "They spent the afternoon with a romance and Harry can not turn away from Jessica. They danced and hugged each other. Then, they enjoyed their kiss, “said one source who declined to identified

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