Heidi Klum Dead Body Halloween Costume

Heidi Klum is familiar wearing unusual costume when Halloween. But this year, it looks like no one could match it, because Heidi's Halloween costume this time precisely minus the skin!

In a Halloween party held in Tao, 38-year-old model comes riding an autopsy table, which is driven by a doctor with a bloody costume. What is interesting, when the cloth covering dead body is opened, look who Heidi decided to act as a corpse in Halloween this year. Her whole body was covered with airbrush that seemed to make her muscles clearly visible without the skin.

"My costume is a corpse without a layer of skin. Basically, I like naked," explains Heidi. "All of my vessels and blood will be visible. But I do not feel naked because all my body full of color," she continued.

Even this extraordinary hideous costume combined with high-heeled black shoes, and a row of tooth decay is deliberately imposed this German model. The fans also had this Halloween costume gets leaked via Twitter, because Heidi accidentally post some photos showing the process of change

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