The Expendables 2 Filming - One Stuntman Killed, One Injured

Shooting The Expendables 2, which took place in Bulgaria, should be stopped after the accident. Two people become victims of this accident. One man died while a second victim undergoing treatment at the hospital in critical condition. Currently the police are investigating an accident involving explosives.

Stuntman killed on set of Expendables 2

As reported by Contact Music, filming last Thursday that took place near the capital city of Bulgaria was forced to stop after two stuntman had an accident. At that time, the film crew was taking a blast scene near the dam in Ognyanovo, near Sofia. For whatever reason, the scene is supposed to be safe suddenly out of control and two stuntman in action must be a victim.

 "With great regret that we proclaim this unfortunate accident. Our grief for the family and all involved production affected of this tragedy. We are working with authorities to investigate this accident," said NuImage / Millennium Films official as reported by Contact Music.

The Expendables 2 was hit by many problems. After being rumored that Mickey Rourke decided to resign because rather play in SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS, emerged lawsuit from playwright accusing Stallone stole his idea

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