Easy Way to Find A Job

It is hard to find a job. You do not have a job. Or want to find a job? Try BeKnown!

BeKnown - Job Seekers Application on facebook
BeKnown is job seekers application from Monster that just been launch. This application can be accessed through Facebook. Monster Users can import their data into Facebook and use the service to display their professional curriculum vitae for a job.

Matthew Mund, project leaders have reason to put BeKnown on Facebook, because Facebook users who have reached 700 million. He hopes to use Facebook, a large acceptance in society. Strategic way, many application developers do now.

 "You can set your professional identity and social identity in one place," said Mund of the Monster. Monster has been able to get about 38 million new visitors every month.

However, for BeKnown, of course, the biggest Monster rival is LinkedIn, which has established itself as the first search social networking sites for job seekers, which are very successful and has more than 100 million members.

Monster is not the first job seekers application on Facebook. Previously there is BranchOut, which has about 800,000 members

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