David Foster - Finding New Talent In Asia

In order finding new talent in music, David Foster launched a project called Born to Sing in Asia. Large populations are the reason, he believes in Asia there are talents that deserve become new star.

David Foster

"Asia is very large. With a huge population, there should be some who have talent and ready become a star. We had the idea to take two singers, they will sing in front of the audience, and they will face the crowd. He said that they would be more fabulous than Celine Dion, "said David Foster met in Bali Room, Hotel Kempinski, Central Jakarta, Friday (28/10).

Some of the projects he had prepared. The concept is finding stars like American Idol. David wants to make new stars rapidly.

"When they see an example of American Idol for the past ten years, and they created 2 stars, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. I'll make it quickly," he said.

Meanwhile, this project carried out in Asia first. "In Asia first, and now, their music’s is still on the west oriented. If Asian people can make their own music, and be yourself, can manifest and maximize his talent, will surely be global," he concluded. Related topic about david foster songs, david foster biography,charice pempengco david foster, linda thompson, josh groban, david foster foundation, david foster wallace, david foster carol of the bells

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