David Beckham - New Routine Activity in World of Fashion

Ten years ago, the situation was clearly different. If David Beckham was asked whether would jump into fashion world, the answer must be 'No'. Now everything is changed. Although not going to leave football, but pursue fashion world seems to be Beckham routine activity.

David beckham world of fashion

"Last five years I became interested in fashion. From the beginning of my career was football and forever will remain so until I stop it later but I'm pretty lucky to have sponsors like Adidas and others who made me try the fashion world," explains David Beckham. Beckham never thought that he would be able to enjoy his involvement in the fashion world.

 "If ten years ago I asked whether to jump into the world of fashion, I would say 'No chance' but now I actually enjoy it," added Beckham later. Success to design Adidas shoes with James Bond, Beckham actually hooked and plans to continue this project.

"Our cooperation goes smoothly and we will continue this cooperation but more importantly we will continue to release the best quality products," said David Beckham to promote his design.

David Beckham's involvement in the fashion world is not only designing the shoes. Got news emerged that Beckham and Snoop Dogg will release baby clothes products while others cite news that Beckham also designs man's underwear products. Find more related with david beckham tattoos, david beckham pictures,david beckham biography,david beckham salary,cristiano ronaldo,david beckham hair,david beckham la galaxy,david beckham stats.

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