Colaborated With Country Musicians, Lionel Richie Made New Album

It is not new material. Contents of this country album are recycling from old songs owned by Lionel Richie. Interestingly, even though he did not intentionally create the songs for country music but the tracks are easily transforming into the most popular music in America.

Lionel Richie

"After all this time I realized that the songs I write can transform into country music," said Lionel Richie opened the conversation. "As a songwriter I do not consider myself a country song writer, I was thinking I was R&B," he added. Apparently, this has related with Lionel Richie's birthplace.

"I'm from Tuskegee, Alabama - I'm a country boy," explains 62-year-old singer. As he remembers his past, Lionel Richie decided the most fitting title for this album is Tuskegee, his birthplace. "Growing up with country music, R&B, gospel and classical music from my grandmother, and pop, Tuskegee is the place sharpening my writing, and the title of Tuskegee is a statement about where I grew up - the place I call home," he concluded.

Lionel Richie holds many country musicians for recording this Tuskegee album, according to ContactMusic. Some names are already confirmed are Shania Twain, Kenny Chesney, and Tim McGraw.

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