Women Orgasm - Increase Breast Healthy

Able to reach orgasm not just make a woman feel satisfied, but it also makes breasts staying healthy. Studies show that hormones released during woman orgasm can reduce breast cancer risk.

Woman Orgasm
When feel excitement and orgasm (sexual climax) your body releases oxytocin hormone, known also as the love hormone, which also released when a person falls in love, sexual arousal, orgasm and breast-feeding.

The releases of these hormones have been associated with decreased risk of breast cancer. Not only in women, small study conducted in 23 Greek men in 2000 also found that men who suffer from breast cancer tend to have less history to have an orgasm, compared with healthy men in the control group, as reported by the LATimes, Wednesday ( 28/9/2011).

Several studies show that oxytocin hormone help eliminate carcinogenic substances from breast fluid. This is why orgasm can make breasts stay healthy, especially in women.

Not only bring benefits to the breast, an orgasm is also having benefit to other organs in the body such as heart, prostate in men as well as overall physical health.

Orgasm can also reduce pain because the body releases endorphins during sex. This hormone is similar to morphine that can increase the body's tolerance to pain.

Orgasm also burns calories in the body and helps reduce the desire to eat. During orgasm the body will excrete phenetylamine which plays an important role in managing one's tastes, so the desire to eat less and burn calories.

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