Wacom Inkling

In the end you can do it using a tablet computers or ordinary slates attached to the pen device and just use plain old paper to make your artwork instead. This is great news for artists and doodlers wherever you are to use Wacom Inkling.

Anyone who has an interest in creating artistic images that can be transferred to digital format should be very familiar with the pen-shaped hand tools commonly used with a digitizing flat panel and connected to a computer and transfer the pictures that have been made.

It has a limit but now become possible to produce an image just by using plain paper instead of using expensive dot paper and digital pen to do the same job but with greater flexibility.

Wacom Inkling Pen

Wacom somehow have overcome previous technical barriers to creating Inkling system. It is still using a pressure sensitive pen, but instead of using the slates, he uses a sensor that clips on top of each piece of paper to read the motion and pressure of each pen stroke.

It is then very simple converted to digital format and quickly transferred from the sensor via USB to a computer. Images that are transferred can then be modified as desired.

While this may not read every pen stroke with less exactly as you expect when you use the pen in general, despite these shortcomings, this gadget is very impressive.

Wacom Inkling will likely be sold immediately for £ 150.

image courtesy of gadgetwiki.com

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