Ryan Giggs: Manchester United have a chance to beat Barca

Manchester United
Barcelona will be a major stumbling block for Manchester United who have ambitions to win the Champions League. Although heavy but not impossible for the "Red Devils" to be able to beat the Los Cules.

Manchester United became one strong candidate to win the Champions League. Following their performance in the local competition, which stood perfect in four games in the Premier League.

The task was clearly going far from easy because there is Barcelona that will confront. Had twice defeated in the two final games against Barcelona.

In the 2008/09 season, the Red Devils defeated two goals, while in the last final season they re helpless against Los Cules. so give up with the score 1-3.

MU senior players, Ryan Giggs admitted Barca still on his team. Although it would be difficult to beat them but it's not impossible.

"It's hard to bridge the gap because they are a very good team," said Giggs in the Mirror Football. "But not impossible. A lot of teams who've beaten them. We also beat them three years ago."

"(In terms of personnel) are not too different from that time. What they have is experience and confidence to win something. We have to get over it."

"If we were dealing with them again, we will be confident to beat them. You have to learn from mistakes and perform better."

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