Laughter Cannot Cure Impotence

Laughter can improve blood circulation to the male sex organs, claimed could make a man having better sex. However, for people with impotence, laughter does not provide benefits for sexual ability.

A recent study at Oxford University suggests that laughing can make people feel relaxed. These psychological effects believed have an impact on the physical condition, including blood circulation to the male sex organs.
Laugh effects as revealed in these studies are very interested for people with impotence. As a result, many assumptions have sprung up, that laughter can heal sex dysfunction in men soon.

 As is known, impotence can be triggered by two factors:
Psychological, caused by stress.
Biological, due to circulatory disorders.
Because laughter can relax and smooth blood circulation, then the assumption is quite reasonable.

Recently, a complaint related impotence present the results of such research. A citizen of the United States aged 42 years, Dave Williams admitted cannot erect even after two days trying to have sex with laughter.

“No effect. My wife read an article about the study, and then began to laugh my penis two consecutive days. Did not help me cope with my condition, "said Williams, as quoted from Newsthump, Wednesday (09/21/2011).

A spokesman of the Erectile Dysfunction Foundation also conveys the same criticism. According to him, a lot of research about the impotence that seems serious but in reality nothing more than just a joke.

According to the spokesman, until recently the best drug for erectile dysfunction or impotence is a legal drug prescribed by a doctor. While relaxation is the most, secure, because there are no side effects.

“Laughter, of course, can aid in relaxation and we can agree about it. However, that does not mean impotence can be cured only with a laugh like a starving hyena, “said a spokesman who is not named.

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