Lack of sleep affecting financial condition

Lack of sleep
Unhealthy sleep, either lack of sleep or drowsy constantly, disrupting health and mental abilities. The morning did not look bright, the spirit evaporates and emotions too easily provoked. Productive?

Finance expert Ashley Jacobs wrote six reasons why the lack of sleep can hurt you financially:

1. Driving with sleepiness as dangerous as driving while you drunk.
When lack of sleep driving skills decline. 16% -60% of traffic accidents caused by sleepiness, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). The real danger is not just falling asleep while driving; lack of sleep also causes delayed responses and emotional instability. To motorists on big city, traffic jam will increase the burden of stress and the risk that caused the accident. Costs due to accidents also cannot be underestimated, especially if you require treatment in hospital.

2. Health care costs will rise.
Are you aware of unhealthy sleep affecting your health? People who do not sleep well have risk of 15% and 48% stroke suffer or die from heart disease. People who sleep less than 4 hours a day have 75% obesity. Yes! Lack of sleep affects the appetite hormone.

3. Made the wrong financial decision.
People who sleep less tend to take risky decisions. Lack of sleep will reduce dopamine levels, which influence the decision-making ability. As a result, we tend to take risky decisions in the business.

4. Successfully went away
Lack of sleep makes the mind slow and impaired concentration. The ability to recall or analysis also declined. Creativity as if clogged. All are important to the success. On students who get enough sleep, much better academically than students who get less sleep.

5. High convenience fee.
Actually, this is more on laziness. Compared with do it yourself, as tired, we tend to buy different services. From washing the car, taking care of plants, cooking, to fix many things, we are too sleepy to do all your own.

6. Coffee.
How much for a cup of coffee? What if the coffee on international coffee outlets. Not cheap! When just drive right into your office needs coffee, this is a sign of lack of sleep. Especially if the day had to commute to buy coffee. Some offices now provide caffeine for workers, but be careful. Caffeine delays sleep, but not restore mental abilities. Errors, inaccurate and lacking creativity is still happening. Will certainly increase the cost of the company. Therefore, the best way to be productive and effective is to sleep with smart!

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