Hologram - The Future of Visual Technology

Latest 3D television technology makes such images out of the screen, when you watch it using specific glasses. This new holographic technology provides a more vivid picture in your room, to present a convincing visualization such as Hollywood movie production.

 This is not a science fiction movie. As quoted from the Daily Mail, in an exhibition game in Tokyo, Yoichi Wada, president of a major Japanese games developer Square Enix, said that the future of gaming is the existence of a console that presents a holographic image in front of the room. It is like a hologram that used in communicating in the "Star Wars" movie.

This week, Apple has patented a technology that projects 3D images. Not only that, the technology also allows users to manipulate virtual objects with their hands.

Previously Sony had been talking about technology that can project light floating in the middle of the room.

"Everything is (probably) the hypothesis of a time," said the editor of a special gaming site VG247, Pat Garatt. "The hinges concept on the object being filmed from all angles that exposes two angles, like when you have a stereoscopic 3D, a technology used in the movie 'Avatar'," he continued.

"Sony has been trying to produce 3D images floating in front of the TV screen itself. However, we actually discuss the research and development. At any time, you will not go to play Star Wars chess again, the technology is still evolving," explains Garatt.

Earlier this year, Sony showed a 3D image of a dog sitting in a black jar. The dog can be view from any angle. Images created by projecting light through a fiber network to a jar

"Video games are always pushing what can be developed with a visual computer. It is natural for the industry is constantly looking for ways forward, "said Garratt.

Consoles as Microsoft's Xbox also has games that the players 'appear' in 3D on the screen, via the motion sensors camera placed on the television. This makes the video game players 'starring' many games, from war games to video clip "Thriller" of Michael Jackson.

As for broadcast television that uses this technology, it requires at least 200 HD cameras to film the action simultaneously. For that, the hologram may be the technology used in the gaming world.

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have to offer 3D games. The Toshiba already offers the possibility 3D images of glass-clear. Although the latest version of 3D is the "look" into the screen, and not see the object as a whole.
3D projection actually delivers the future of technology leap. Sony even confidently offers a three-dimensional holographic broadcast around the world in the 2022 World Cup projects.

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