Hollywood Leaks - Celebrities Nightmare

Celebrities community can not be separated with the media, paparazzi and fans are always trying to find out personal life of their favorite star. However, the Hollywood elite are now facing new threats, unprecedented privacy threatened.

Hollywood Leaks

A group of hackers who call themselves Hollywood Leaks has successfully accessed their personal records and do not hesitate to share what they have discovered, the organization has told Gawker.com, “they here to facilitate the free flow of information."

Hollywood Leaks seem have a relationship with Anonymous, known as the hacking collective that originated in the online imageboard 4chan. Anonymous made headline in the past wearing Guy Fawkes mask as well as some attacks are very common in Scientology in 2008.

Over the last few weeks, Hollywood Leaks, has been responsible for a number of celebrities hacks including :
  • Distribute the telephone number of celebs including Joey Fatone, Ashley Greene, Mark Cuban , Miley Cyrus, and Lil Jon.
  • Distributing secret script for Tom Cruise's latest movie, "Rock of Ages ."
  • Health Insurance Info leaked country singer Julianne Hough, picture phones, and an unreleased album.
  • Kreayshawn rapper leaked pics of topless and share with 300,000 Twitter followers.

Like any other group of hackers, Anonymous or LulzSec, Hollywood Leaks claim that they present to Lulz, Internet terms in this context refers to violent entertainment. This may explain the explosion of anti-Semitic group posted to YouTube on August 28.

"Attention of Hollywood, We Anonymous We have seen you .. We have listened to you.. you have been allowed to run free for too long .. Jewish control over the mass media has ends “

" Two days later, Hollywood Leaks tweeted "LOL at people call us anti-Semitic. Its for LULZ Get over it . "

image courtesy: myspace.com

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