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Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury (born in Stone Town, Zanzibar - now including the regions of Tanzania, East Africa, September 5, 1946 - died 24 November 1991 at age 45 years) is the lead singer of British rock band Queen whose real name is Farrokh Bulsara. When he sit at school his friends called him "Freddie” so that eventually his family called him Freddie, too.

He was born from the descendants family of Indian Parsi (Zoroastrian). His parents are a diplomat who is always moving, until finally making Zanzibar as a birthplace of Freddie Mercury. When he still young their parents decide to move to England because of the war and eventually they settled there.

In the world of international music Freddie Mercury's name is one of the legends of rock music. His works include timeless music that can be heard all ages.

According to his colleague Brian May, Mercury is a gifted musician who ever eccentric. Freddie wrote the song with a strange key. Most rock bands playing A or E key, and can be D or G, different with Freddie music that having strange music chord structure and difficult to play with guitar. He was born with exceptional art talent, so no one music group can compete with his songs.

Freddie Mercury Google Doodle

The band, Queen, with Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor as members, has been named by Rolling Stone magazine as the only one rock band that all the members hold a degree though never officially credited for it.

Many modern rock group who regard it as a role model, such as Guns N 'Roses, Metallica to Dewa 19. He died on 24 November 1991.

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