Dubai Creating Vertical Farm

After trying to make a cool beach, Dubai once again did a remarkable innovation in the building contractor. As we all know Dubai is rich with oil but if you talk about water and agriculture, of course Dubai in not great place.

Vertical Farm

For that Dubai to build the farm in a vertical position in the building called "Vertical Farm". And an architectural firm and building contractor from Italy, Studiomobile will help this "weird" project .

Vertical Farm

 The building which shaped like a plant would use sea water for two purposes: one to cool the air inside the building and converting sea water into normal water to be used for watering the plants inside it. The air going into the building will be cooled with the help of sea water and air that there will also be condensed so that it will transform the air into the water. And this water to be used for watering plants.

Vertical Farm

 With projects and investments like this, we're just worried that the price of one kilogram of cassava may be same as LCD TV / Plasma price.

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