Demanded reform, thousands of people gathered in Tahrir Square Cairo

Tahrir Square
Thousands of Egyptian people thronged the central city of Cairo, Tahrir Square. They demanded reform from military forces that rule the country now after the fall of President Hosni Mubarak.

The protesters demanded the military to keep their promises to reform after the collapse of Mubarak. Despite the hot weather, they still gathered in Tahrir Square.

"It would embarrass Egypt if they forget their revolution, " said one orator, told AFP on Friday (09/09/2011).

One focus of this action is the dissolution of the military courts. After the fall of Mubarak, the courts have judged thousands of civilians.

“There is still injustice in this country,” orator said

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's re-trial even bedridden patients. 83 years old men was transported by ambulance.

Mubarak and his two sons and other Egyptian government officials on trial on charges of corruption and murder of hundreds of demonstrators. More than 850 people were killed in 18 days of the Egypt revolution that makes Mubarak overthrown after ruling for three decades.

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