Conan The Barbarian - Movie Review

Conan The Barbarian
'Conan The Barbarian' is a remake of the hit movie production starring by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1982. In its latest version, Conan was release with the 3D technique. Unfortunately, not all movie theatre plays with that format.

'Conan The Barbarian' movie directed by Mark Nipel. Conan, who was born in the midst of war, inherited a strong fighting instinct. Forged practice and teaching of the sword from his father since childhood.

Little Conan (Leo Howard), even making surprise Cimmeria residents in his village. When he returns from the match, he brought some human head in his hands. Trait anger, could make his father, Corin (Ron Perlman) concerned.

However, Conan's childhood with his father was forced to end when her village was attacked Khalar Zym (Stephen Lang). His father, who refused to tell where the sacred mask of Acheron is, goes into the victim. Small Conan managed to escape and vowed to avenge his father.

A few years later, Conan who live aimlessly, grown up and handsome. Jason Momoa figure was chosen to portray Conan adults. His sturdy coupled with prominent muscle may be one reason why Jason has fit to play Conan.

The story revolving until finally he successfully finds the murderer of their parents, Khalar Zym. Zym become stronger because now he has a sacred mask of Acheron. However, have a mask was not enough; the mask must be fed by the pure girl blood, Tamara (Rachel Nichols).

Just like a sweetener in the story of the murky intertribal warfare, Tamara who chased Zym, accidentally met with Conan. Know that Tamara is the right bait to issue Zym, and then he set the strategy. It is not easy against Zym and his daughter who have good magic, Marique (Rose McGowan).

Can Conan kill Zym and revenge of his father death?

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