Rowan Atkinson - McLaren F1 Super Car Accident

Rowan Atkinson, better known as Mr. Bean, has reported traffic accident while driving a McLaren F1 super car in Cambridgeshire, England, on Thursday (4/8/20110, around 19:30 local time. Quoted from the Mirror (UK), a McLaren F1 super car driven by Atkinson slippage, spinning on the asphalt, and finally stopped after hitting a tree on the roadside marker, too. Shortly after that, the car was on fire.

Fortunately, Rowan safe from disaster, because it managed to get out of the car just before a large fire. Atkinson reported only minor injuries on his shoulder. When it's in a safe place, he then rushed to Peterborough Hospital.

Firefighters who arrived at the scene managed to secure the McLaren F1 super car before it sold out on fire. "We came to the scene more quickly this evening and took one victim suffered minor injuries to the nearest hospital, " explained one member of the East England Ambulance Service, as reported by, this Friday (08/05/2011).

McLaren F1 super car

Another resident who witnessed the incident said, "This is the magic that he could walk away from the car damned fact, the condition of his car shattered Rowan should be dead "

Atkinson lately become famous artist discussion by automotive magazine Top Gear. Top Gear challenged him to race on show, Top Gear Celebrity Lap in some circuits and race performance in Europe. For the record, the accident was the second to Atkinson with McLaren F1 super car

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