Make Business with Your Lover

Sometimes business sense appear suddenly, so that with business opportunities emerging in front of you. To manage your business sometimes lacking in confidence with others, especially if the business that you manage your own began to grow rapidly. Therefore you need people that you can trust to manage your business as your lover. But sometimes problems arise in the future and you are not ready to settle for a love affair that has gone before. These is few tips for doing business with your lover:

1. Before starting a business, there must be agreement in black and white. For example the issue of equity, profit sharing and division of labor. Even if the money involved is quite large, the agreement needs to be done formally in front of a notary. At the beginning of a business cooperation agreement is more easily made than when the business has been running especially when business is in trouble.
2. Give clear boundaries between business and love affairs. Because if the emotional problems interfered, your business get messy.
3. Make a deal, when you have to speak as a business associate and when to lover

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