How to tackle damaged hair?

You have long hair? Washed and mask regularly is not enough to make the hair stay healthy. There is another trick to keep long hair attractive and beautiful.

The main problem for long hair often forked ends of your hair and chapped. If you have to cut, unfortunately, yes. Especially if you intend to lengthen the hair. So, what to do?

The first thing to address the tip of the hair that tends to rupture is doing maintenance trim every 8-12 weeks. This must be done before the damage took place.

To make the hair that has been cracked, cut the ends of your hair with a layer model that can remove hair split without making you lose most of the hair.

long hair

If you already perform mask routinely, but the hair remains broken, please try again carefully whether you've just done a curling or straightening, often using a hair dryer, or use a comb in accordance with the condition of your hair?

If your answer is yes, do the intensive care with a selection of shampoos, conditioners, hair masks regularly da. Do not forget to replace the comb with a Bantala rounded at the ends so that stimulate healthy hair. Before shampooing, comb your hair should be in advance to avoid tangles, and select a wide-toothed comb when hair is wet.

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