Graduation party ideas - Humiliate yourselves through advertising in newspapers

Graduation for most students is very boring. Starting from wearing a robe, shook hands with the vice chancellor, or forced smile when pictured with Dean. It may be the routine is very boring for you. Although tedious, still graduation should be celebrated. Some people fill it up with an awful lot to take pictures and then meet the album in its social networks. Others do it by treating his friends. But I have a different graduation party ideas.

Actually this graduation party ideas is a little less work. This idea originated from the boredom of the ways we celebrate the graduation-that's all. Photos in the studio, treat your friends, or other rituals which, according to our standards at all.

Okay I'll tell graduation party ideas. Actually my graduation party ideas is very simple. The goal is that other people know you and your friends have graduated, but not in the context of cool. We want ngeledek if graduation was actually a normal and could even be nosy. Your and friends humiliate youselves through advertising in newspapers, once again I say through advertising in newspapers.

So you will put out an ad in the most popular newspaper's lines in your town with my graduation party ideas. There are two ads that you want to plug in one of the newspapers in your town, one is targeted to your friends and another one for you personally. Advertising for your friend reads, "Congratulations to Graduating student who Azeek-azeek aja: Simon Yam aka Sinyo. May more azeek ". Meanwhile, the ad for you, "Congratulations to Graduating Students most pangki: Michael Beliebers. Hopefully more pangki every day. Amen! ".

If you think my graduation party ideas is less work then my goal successfully. We just want to celebrate graduation in a different way. Occasional nosy with the ritual of graduation is not okay. And I'm sure of all your graduating class at the school, you and your best friend which being congratulated in the newspaper. Say we have enough to do again, but we're happy to celebrate this graduation with graduation party ideas.

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