Four Entrepreneur Assets

Although many cases of corruption and other problems, our state economy is still running. And of course thanks to the movers in the community that does not depend on the regulations and the government. They are seldom known to people is called an entrepreneur. Here are a few of them and the efforts that have been made to be inspiration and motivation for us.

Wimar's World on Wednesday night (28 / 3) presented three people: Bob Sadino entrepreneur (owner of the supermarket Kem Chicks), Hadrijanto Satyanegara (PR Manager Patrakom), and Fred Hehuwat (co-founder of Ashoka Foundation Indonesia). They are the ones who did not despair even eager, and give us motivation. The following pieces of their conversations with Wimar Witoelar.

Four Entrepreneur Asset

Wimar: He said you were a sailor, then how do you get to become entrepreneurs by opening a supermarket?
Bob: It's simple. I used to work in Holland and around Europe. When I returned to Indonesia, I saw egg here is different from egg what I see in Europe.
Wimar: What's the difference?
Bob: Different shape. So, I ask people to find chickens that can produce eggs.
Wimar: Were you already chicken or the egg expert?
Bob: One of my factors as it is today because I was lucky not to know anything.
Wimar: Do you have many friends in the bank that could provide the capital?
Bob: Bank just to save it
Wimar: So people do not really need capital to build new businesses.
Bob: What is the sense that capital? Many people simply translate the capital's only objects that can be seen and counted it, just money. Actually there is capital that can not be seen. This is the asset capital for a person to become an entrepreneur:
1. Must have a willingness
2. Determined to
3. Courage to take chances. There are a million opportunities out there, including in our own bodies
Wimar: Bob, I met many people who want to become enterpreuner.. He said, it's hard because the climate is not conducive, not pro-business regulations. How is Bob?
Bob: The three factors above did not make a person to enter into enterpreuner. The fourth factor is that you do not be whiny and resilient.

Take advantage of technology 

Wimar: We switched to Hadrijanto. Your company provides telecommunications facilities in somewhere company. How can your company do business in somewhere areas?
We see there are business opportunities and limitations of telecommunications advice, especially outside Java. They have different needs and sometimes they have the money. Telecommunications is no longer a requirement but is primary secondary. Therefore we seek to help provide telecommunication facilities in remote areas.

Wimar: How much and where for example?
Hadrijanto: In East Kalimantan, Samarinda as in rural areas, Tabang. Until now the number around 150 units
Wimar: So because a remote area then they must using wireless. So the satellite used.
Hadrijanto: Yeah, we held a stall telecommunications satellite (Wartelsat).
Wimar: The key here is expensive but can be done and why people do not pay a premium. So, who provide support so that it is available?

Hadrijanto: Actually technology that support us. We use of existing technology. We do engineering technology in it so that we can. In quality it can not reach such as cyber or subscription, but for remote areas, there are adequate means of telecommunication.

Wimar: Is the investment would return become money?
Hadrijanto: It may not come back but we are trying to reach the break event point only. That's good.
Wimar: That may be the difference between the company you work with Bob Sadino. If Bob, he is pure entrepreneur and investment money back. As for you, there is an investment and return in the form of community fun.

Ashoka Social Entrepreneurs 

Wimar: This is the third Fred Hehuwat. He founded the Indonesian Ashoka Foundation in 1983. I know because it helped build it, but I do not know the rest. Ashoka Used the concept of social entrepreneurs. What that concept and what the current Ashoka do?

Fred: When we typically associate with economic activity. Indeed the birth of the term social entrepreneur is of Ashoka. If we compare the economic and industrial sectors, the social sector like education and health are behind. If we look at the conditions in Indonesia, the social conditions are very severe. Who handles this? Usually we rely on the government's expectations. We all know the government have a lot of limitations. If there is no shortcut created, the situation became more and more behind.

Wimar: What people are trained by Ashoka?
Fred: We build people who have entrepreneurial programs. Initially, one sees the situation, know the field, had a brilliant idea, have the ability to solve problems, not depending on the facilities, and so on, then the brilliant idea that we intend to help. We are looking for people like that.

Wimar: How many people have fostered since 1989?
Fred: There are now about 140 people in Indonesia.
Wimar: This is an international concept. If the international concept example, we may better understand the social entrepreneurs?

Fred: If we look at the top social entrepreneur is Muhammad Yunus in Bangladesh by His Grameen bank program that won a Nobel prize. He has the unique and good idea.
Wimar: If I read in your brochure, Ashoka also engaged in many areas. How to overcome obstacles that occur there?

Fred: I think they will not wait for anything but looking at the situation. Different possibilities. The problems are also different. So they did not wait for something from the outside. Growing their own ideas, "Oh, things like this. This is what I can do. "
Wimar: How do you choose people who will trained?
Fred: I think we really sort out those primarily based on the assessment,
1. Is it a new idea?
2. Are people doing it, according to our assessment, have the ability?
3. What impact of these ideas? If the impact is smaller then we are not interested.

Wimar: If Bob Sadino 50 years ago that as a teenager, what could be an Ashoka option? Whether the terms of that is in Bob's looking for Ashoka?
Fred: Maybe its properties yes, but probably not his field. Bob would like to succeed commercially, while our value is how its impact on social life.

Alfi (caller from Bekasi): I am very interested in the Ashoka Foundation Indonesia. What is the mechanism of control over people who are supported as an entrepreneur in Ashoka? Wimar: So the question is how these people good intentions will be controlled?
Fred: First, we have enough network so that it can provide information to us. Second, we must monitor how the later development of the person supported. Indeed Ashoka himself did not want a lot of control. If entrepreneurs want to grow do not get too much control, so we just monitor it.

Impact of Changes in Government 

Wimar: We have experienced a drastic change of government since 1998 until now. When compared with the previous situation, whether there are differences in the changes for each field of an entrepreneur?
Fred: Very different. In the past, we'll have to hide to establish Ashoka. Now it is very flexible
Bob: Yes there are differences. But, from the first I am not interested in government. I just wish they are not too much control us because one knows about my business is me.
Hadrijanto: If we look better now because its supporting regulations is much better and the attitude of my friends also have more open.

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