Firefox 6 - Bugs Fixes and Better Security

This afternoon when opening Firefox there is a notification that Mozilla Firefox has released an update to the latest version of Firefox 6. Then a little googling to find out about what features are there in Firefox 6, because judging from the look of almost the same as the previous version ( Firefox 5 ). And usually the most features frequently added to the bug fixes and security enhancements from previous versions. Here are a few added features in Mozilla Firefox 6 :

1. 1. More Control Over Permissions
In Firefox 6 was added Data Management Window that features site-specific permissions, so users can more easily to control acceptance of cookies, sharing sites, pop-up passwords and data storage, and will make it easier for trusted sites more easily without having to open raises permission first. Users are welcome to set the location information, passwords and cookies on certain sites.Users just type in 'about: permissions' in the address bar the site that he wanted.

2. 2. Faster Startup Times
Although still a debate about speed, but according to Mozilla, Firefox 6 startup times better than previous versions. Its speed will be even better if the user is wearing the Panorama feature. This feature allows the user to set the tabs into the group.

3. 3. Faster Performance on Linux
Speaking of speed, the Mozilla claims that Firefox 6 is the first version for browsers that have a performance that qualified for the Linux users.

4. 4. Better Plug-in Management Settings plug-ins or add-ons that are better, where compatibility checks plug-ins or add-ons that have been installed will be faster.

5. 5. URL Display
Firefox 6 also improve the way displays the URL in the address bar to be more concise and emphasize the domain name. Actually this feature already exists in the Chrome browser and IE9. He can help the user to know which URLs are suspicious or disguise the phishing message.

6. 6. HTML5 and More
For web developers, the Firefox 6 has also been enhanced functions and features of HTML5, DOM level 3, the availability of many plug-ins, add-ons or other tool that will allow developers to develop and build advanced Web applications, the features of JavaScript testing snippets faster etc..

7. 7. Enhanced Site Identitiy Block
Some improvement also exists in Firefox 6 is a block identitiy enhanced site that allows users to get information if the sites they see is a secure site.

8. 8. Firefox Sync
The addition of Firefox Sync to synchronize browser settings to the mobile version of the desktop version.
It is said by the Mozilla that Firefox 6 also fixing 10 bugs and offers better security than previous versions of the Firefox 5

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