Charlie Chaplin - From Gypsy Family

Charlie Chaplin known was born in London in 1889. But, eventually dismantle a secret letter that Chaplin was born in a caravan of gypsies.

Hannah, the girl who has the last name Hill, is a descendant of a gypsy family. She is known as a gypsy queen because it is very popular among his people. Hannah is a singer and actress with the stage name of Lily Harley.

She is believed to be Charlie Chaplin's mother. Hannah separated from her husband, Charles, when Chaplin was three years old.

Chaplin was probably embarrassed by his background of so manipulating its birthplace with the call itself was born in London. He probably had his childhood difficult as gypsies tramps. Chaplin had emigrated to America in 1910.

charlie chaplin

Charlie Chaplin became one of the most famous movie star in the world of silent films before the end of the First World War. His eldest son, Michael Chaplin, said the idea of ​​Chaplin as a descendant of a gypsy who was born in Smethwick, West Midlands, it does not bother him. Michael Chaplin sure have a reason now to keep the letter secret

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