Building an Internet Business - Basic Knowledge

Actually, Internet business is fundamentally quite simple. We do not need to understand programming language or languages in engineering. Often everyone still thinking about it and so many who do not understand. Many people who do not understand well the use of internet for business. So many are assessing Internet only a game media.

Build a Real Business / Real
Our first plan is to build a business with its own product. But because we did not have a product we look for ways to get the product.

Yes, the business itself must have a product but if we do not have it even now we can get it without producing its own as we have explained in previous post.

internet business
 Yes, you can have products with affiliate programs. Where you can sell other people's products and earn commissions from the sale of your merchant. You can sign up to merchants who have affiliate programs (ex: amazon, clickbank, ebay, shareshale etc.).
Or another way is by buying products with resale rights (the right to resell the products) but also required a hefty capital. Businesses must have a product / service for sale, that is real business / tangible and sold to consumers so we get a profit instead of a profit share of people under you (downline) while you do not do anything. So after you get your product step by step as follows.

Let's start with a fun way.
1. The first step:
Get a website with an autoresponder in one place (if you can). This means you should buy one or several domain names , a list of the hosting service and find a suitable autoresponder. (You also must have been registered to the merchant so you get an affiliate link.

2. Step Two
Register yourself to
a. Facebook
b. Make a facebook page
c. Twitter
d. Youtube
e. Ezine Articles (do not skip this pernal)
f. Create your blog (blogger, wordpress, tumblr, etc.)

3. The third step
The next step is to create content / blog content. You need to start writing a blog post and article. These articles to provide backlinks to your website and more vital for traffic. When you make the blog you also have to be consistent, it is certainly require your time. Make a schedule and discipline in the making. It is very important to remember!

4. The fourth step
If you have more skill you can make a video recording from powerpoint. You can present a way or product so that people can be interested in your video. Because it has power to get traffic to your website. But for beginners it is not necessary to be done fatherly. You can focus on write good article.

5. Step Five
Once you've created an article and video too, it's time you increase traffic to your website. You can do the following:
a. comment on the others blog
b. comment on the others video
c. visit the forums that match with your niche and answer questions there if you can (do not ever do spam with your link, it is very, very wrong!)
d. social bookmarking website (delicious, technorati, etc.) you (make a good self-image for you and your business)
e. ping your content
f. submit your posts to blog carnivals
g. submit your site to web directories
h. submit your blog to blog directories
i submit your RSS feed to RSS directories
j. sets your RSS comments on social networking sites.
k. join the blog networking communities
l. join the giveaways
m. start writing a guest post over there
n. join blog communities (such as Triberr and let's talk)

After you do step above you will see how you create traffic to your website and it will create a sales / sales.
My friend who has done this can get sales as follows:
• February he made two sales = $ 74
• March he made 4 sales = $ 108
• April he made 4 sales = $ 128

I think it’s not bad for beginner and that within five months. But it may be different from the others. Because it takes effort especially Internet business is not we'll win the lottery or sweepstakes that takes effort.
All depends on the amount of time you devote and high dedication in running it. And the following factors:
• How consistent you are in writing and posting content online?
• how many videos you created and uploaded?
• How many blogs do you visit and your comment?
• How much time do you provide to dedicate this?
• How much money are you prepared to invest into this business?
• How big is your willingness in building this business?

You should answer that question if you want to succeed as those who are successful and which has become a super affiliate. By continuing to learn and implement strategies and methods that you learned about internet business, you will continue moving forward. And once again it is up to you.

To make it easier for those of you who want to succeed here we provide the questions in starting a business so you can start to work:

• What do you want to achieve in the Internet business? (Strong dream)
• How much time and sacrifice that you provide for this Internet business?
• Investment / Fund from where and what kind will you provide?
• Do you have a strong dedication? And Discipline?

Only you can answer it, and only you can get started. Without clear objectives based on, you're just going around in circles in the Internet business. You must have dedication and effort in the internet business (not just Internet business, all business is also like that). So if you do not have it you better do not do business. Because only waste your energy and money.

Hopefully this can help you all who starting an Internet business and more open your insights about this business. Thank You.

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