Botox Injections for Pets

According to a recent report from ABC News, more and more people bringing their pets to perform plastic surgery.

According to the report, one of the most demand operation is the installation of fake testicles for neutered dogs. Neuticals or bean-shaped silicone implants through a small slit the scrotum during the neutering procedure - has become very popular, according to the report.

If your pet smile a little boring, there are options to provide braces on your dog. Or maybe your puppy is too wrinkled? There is also an option for them by buying some botox injections.

But the report also discusses pet plastic surgery is not just cosmetic. Some operations can help the dog breathe better or prevent skin infections.

botox injections for pets

What do you think of pet plastic surgery? Did you ever put up a fake testicles for your dog?

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