Teacher Salary in Indonesia

Teachers are the unsung heroes. However, teachers are people too, who need food, clothing, and shelter to live. Good teacher salary will make it happen. Therefore, it was natural that the teachers get a decent salary. In addition, the teacher is a noble profession, educating children and future generations to be able to establish religion and state.

In fact, today's average income per month civil servant teachers is IDR 1.5 million, IDR 460 thousand teacher’s aides, and teachers at private schools on average IDR 10 thousand per hour. With income like that, it's natural that many teachers do side jobs, like teaching at other schools, provide guidance, trade stalls, selling pulses, and so on. If the teacher is still busy with the affairs of the abdomen, how they can maximize the quality of teaching students.

teacher salary
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School problems as well. Schools can be favorite school with adequate facilities, but rich people can only achieve the cost. For parents who earn barely enough is enough to put their children to schools with minimal facilities and quality. Other problems also arise in some underdeveloped areas, many teachers have not received a paycheck every month just because some local government officials are immoral deliberately use teacher salary for personal gain. So tragic.

We have to raise public school teacher welfare, for example, the average teacher in the United States can buy cars and houses. Although they are buying goods on credit, they are not saddled with that problem. They deserve to be alive each month. Should the government change their policies by not distinguishing the status of teachers, but is required for every teacher to meet several criteria used so that they can be taught in schools everywhere. The quality of the teacher becomes the main, teachers have the best quality also will produce the best students.

The quality of reference to determine the average teacher salaries to be more and more eager to continue to improve the quality, especially for educating the next generation. Teacher salaries will be encouragement if the salary is able to meet their needs, families and for education it self.

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