Lady Gaga - Sued for Scamming Erathquake Charity

Pop superstar Lady Gaga has been sued just before she headlined Saturday night's Japan disaster relief benefit concert over sales of her wristbands for Japan's earthquake relief efforts in a class action that claims that not all the proceeds went to victims as she had promised.

Michigan legal network 1800LAWFIRM also alleges that Gaga and other companies involved in the sale and marketing of the $5 white and red "We Pray for Japan" wristbands overcharged buyers on shipping costs and "artificially inflated reports of total donations". Lady Gaga was sued over the bracelets she's been selling for the same cause.

Lady Gaga, 25, and her representatives did not return calls for comment on Monday. According to the law firm, Gaga exaggerated her costs and pocketed more than just her initial investment in the charity bracelets.

Lady gaga

Gaga's deceptive advertising and personal profits from the bracelets violated federal racketeering laws and a slew of consumer protection laws, too, the suit claimed.

Lady Gaga hasn't answered the law suit yet.

From gay rights to disaster relief, Lady Gaga is always at the forefront of activism or charity outreach, but now, one law firm is crying false when it comes to Gaga's Japan earthquake relief efforts.


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