Health benefits of green tea

Green tea became very popular after many studies that prove the health benefits of green tea. Many studies show the incidence of cancer, heart disease, and various diseases due to modern lifestyles can be overcome by green tea.

Unlike most other tea products, green tea is not through a fermentation process. Steamed before being dried tea leaves. Steaming will turn off an enzyme (polyphenol oxidase and peroxidase) and maintain it.

There are three essential components of the catechin polyphenols in green tea that act as powerful antioxidants, namely: epigallocatechin-3 Gallat (EGCG), epigallocatechin (EGC) and epicatechin-3 Gallat (ECG).

One of the major antioxidants, namely epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), has a capacity 100 times more effective than Vitamin C and 25 times that of Vitamin E. EGCG is classified in a group of antioxidants that are naturally also present in fruits, vegetables, coffee, chocolate and wine.

Health benefits of green tea
EGCG is very powerful as resveratrol, polyphenols are compounds that can limit the negative effects of smoking and fatty foods.

Green tea as an antioxidant

Antioxidant properties of green tea can protect cellular DNA from free radical oxidation damage and thus cell growth of wild or benign tumors can be prevented.

Green tea and cardiovascular

Green tea plays an important role in reducing the negative effects of bad cholesterol. Green tea can lower cholesterol and increase production triglycerida well, increasing the ratio of LDL cholesterol - HDL.

Green tea and obesity

Green tea can help you lose weight by increasing metabolic rate. This will speed up the process of fat oxidation and slow down the digestion of carbohydrates.

Green tea and fat

A recent study published in The Journal of Nutrition, found that the consumption of beverages containing green tea can accelerate the loss of excess fat in the abdominal area. Of course, this should be coupled with regular exercise program.

Green tea and diabetes

The content of EGCG in green tea may improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Polyphenol compounds in green tea serves to maintain the enzyme amylase and sukrase (enzymes that play a role in mengkatalasisi sucrose into fructose and glucose). This can slow down the decomposition of starch to make glucose levels to drop, and extend the area of glucose absorption in the stomach. This will increase the activity of insulin.

Green tea and cancer

The content of polyphenols in green tea is a substance that is highly potent in inhibiting the formation of tumor cells and inhibit the occurrence of peroxide radicals. In addition to inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, these compounds can also kill cancer cells without interfering with other cell networks.

Green tea and arthritis

Green tea may protect bone from cartilage damage and reduce inflammation. It also means preventing arthritis.

Green Tea and aging

Green tea can slow aging by preventing the accumulation of free radicals, so that damage can be minimized dihasilkannyapun. Green tea can also improve endurance.

Green tea and tooth

Green tea with fluoridanya content can help prevent tooth decay and prevent cavities by inhibiting the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Green tea is clearly reduce the amount of harmful bacteria, including streptococci in the mouth and prevent plaque (coral) teeth.

Green tea and beauty

Green tea can protect the skin against damage caused by ultraviolet light. Green tea can also serve as a skin rejuvenant.

Green tea and the eye

Green tea may protect the eye from glaucoma and other eye disorders. Based on the analysis made the researchers note, catechins, the main antioxidant in green tea, effectively maintaining eye health. Catechins contain vitamin C, E, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Tests on laboratory mice showed these antioxidants can be absorbed by the lens, retina and other tissues of the eye.

Green tea and lung cancer

According to scientists Taiwan, drink a glass of green tea or more a day could fight the bad effects of cigarettes can cause lung cancer, especially in smokers who had no genetic cancer. The best way to avoid being hit is to stop smoking the cancer cells, whereas only green tea reduces the risk.

Green tea and sadness & depression

Research shows that elderly people who frequently eat green tea less often experience feelings of sadness and loneliness. The content of green tea, which is an amino acid thenine, believed to have a calming effect on the brain. This may explain why seniors who regularly drink green tea for four cups or more each day more often depressed.

Green tea and benign tumors in the uterus

Research conducted by Dong Zhang and his team from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, United States, found green tea extract can kill fibroid cells. The results of this initial study conducted on mice.

Fibroids also called leiomyomas, myomas or fibrimioma. This condition can lead to menstrual bleeding a lot, causing anemia due to iron deficiency. It is also difficult conception and can cause miscarriage or obstacles when giving birth

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