Botoxology System

No need to feel the pain to get a smooth skin without wrinkles instantly. With botoxology system, your skin will be rejuvenated.

Today we know, Botox is the process of removing wrinkles and tighten the face with an instant way of injecting a anti-wrinkle serum into the skin layers. But, this is a old way and may be a bit dangerous. With the presence of botoxology, Your skin becomes taut without danger.

Botoxology is a methods of the latest anti-aging treatment without using of injection and non-surgical face lift with a combination of biolift engine technology and power of the 'magic serum', both can work outside and within the maximum. And the way the old dire shape-shifting into fast and safe face tightening process .

botoxology system

Botoxology process on the face begins of:
1. Clean the eye and lip from the dust and the rest of makeup using eye makeup remover.
2. After that cleaning up the whole face using a milk cleanser.
3. "Magic serum" that contain natural ingredients such as glycolic acid, xanthan gum (fluid that serves tighten the face) and propelene glycol (moisturizer) was applied to over the face.
4. Continue to use botoxology tool that serves pull the skin for 15 minutes and focus on the problems such as wrinkles.
5. To complete the entire process in order to perfect results, given face masks are selected according to the needs of your skin. like anti-wrinkle, whitening and tightening.
6. The last process, facial cleansing with a toner, after it is given a facial moisturizer to avoid from drought

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