Young DJ Will Shake Up Lily Allen Wedding

Lavender Make Practice for Lily Allen Wedding Preparation

There is something interesting from Lily Allen's wedding on 11 June. Allen chose Ted Lavender, 12 years old disc jockey (DJ), to liven up the party.

Though still young age, Lavender ability deserves thumbs up. Currently, many night clubs in London intends to ask for his hand as permanent DJ.

Young DJ at Lily Allen Wedding

Lavender claim to be happy and not nervous one bit. He was the middle of practice, in order may entertain Allen guests. "I'm not nervous at all. I do a lot of practice in my bedroom. Lily is really cool and I can not wait to shake up the party," he said.

Allen's wedding was already in sight. Allen arranged to prepare something that will entertain the guests. Previously, Allen had also held a lavish bachelor party at the Ritz hotel in London, England

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