Volkswagen Aqua - Multi Terrain Vehicle

For those of you who have adventure hobbies, this future car is perfect choice. A young car designer from China designs a car that not only drove in the usual way, but also can be driven on water, ice, and sand.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Monday (13 / 6), the designer Yuhan Zhang (21) mention his creations with Volkswagen Aqua and made for the competition sponsored by the German manufacturer Volkswagen. The future prototype car top speed can reach up to 62-mph and able to work like hovercraft.

Volkswagen Aqua

Volkswagen Aqua designed like a sports car equipped with four high-powered fan and the air bag as a cushion for the lifting of the soil surface. Large panoramic glass in roof section. With the latest technology, this car also uses hydrogen fuel to make zero carbon emissions.

This prototype uses two motors, which serves to make the car float and the other motor to drive and control the direction. "There's no better vehicle than a car with an air cushion that is made can go on land, ice, and water," said Yuhan.

Graduates majoring in Mechanical Design added, "I hope my creations car is capable of being a supercar that can be used in society one day." The competition theme of creating off-road vehicle suitable for use in China

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