Toy Story 4 - Maybe In The Works

What do you think -- are you ready for "Toy Story 4" or should Disney-Pixar allow the movies stand as a trilogy?

The "Larry Crowne" director and star hints that a fourth "Toy Story" movie may be in the works.

Which is rather puzzling to fans who felt "Toy Story 3" offer a kind of closure for the story.

toy story 4

One year ago Toy Story 3 was widely seen as a great bookend to Pixar's beloved franchise. With Cars 2 being pan by reviewers, should Pixar refuse to accept the urge to working out another Toy Story?

Pixar is in the process bring on Toy Story 4, Tom Hanks said. Should Woody and Buzz bring in sequels to infinity and beyond?

Hey, Toy Story 4 could work: "They should only make Toy Story 4 if everyone signs on," says Lindasy Mannering at The Stir.

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