Jennifer Aniston Tattoo - Her First Ever

This is Jennifer Aniston first tattoo, the tattoo is located on the inside of her right foot with the name "Norman".

In an interview for "Inside the Actors Studio" with James Lipton on Thursday, she said, Norman is the name of his dog Welsh Corgi-terrier mix. Norman died at the age of 15 years in May last.

Before he died, Norman often accompany Aniston to studio films and Friends set.

"Norman was always with me on site - I have to bring Norman. He's a baby brother, "Aniston said.

Jennifer Aniston tattoo

Aniston and her dog are often in a photo together on many occasions, from a leisurely stroll on the beach, live photo shoot together and go on vacation. As reported by Just Jared.

When Jennifer Aniston seen last week in New York City, the tattoo is almost invisible, but still there.

Jennifer Aniston tattoo is more clearly visible when she wears sandals

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