New Mercedes Benz GLS

Family cars with large body, SUV , now become trend in automotive world. BMW has also been a step forward in producing family car, they launch the X6. Not want to miss it, as a fellow luxury car manufacturer Mercedes Benz will make the GLS.

"After monitoring the sales trend, we conclude there is potential to increase sales of off-road model with the sport. That is why we created this GLS," said an Mercedes Benz employee who did not want to be named.

BMW X6 sold 120 thousand units worldwide since its debut in 2009 ago. Not surprisingly, when Mercedes was determined to outperform GLS.

Quoted from Autoevolution, recently, GLS Benz will bring four-seat interior, and supported by the same platform with the new BMW M-Klasse. GLS has 3.5-liter V6 engine capacity, and comes with a hybrid engine.

However, Mercedes Benz GLS car lovers seem to be patient because this new car will come out in 2014

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