Lindsay Lohan Legal Violating Probation Again

Lindsay Lohan still can not escape from its legal problems. Recently, the film stars 'Machete' returned violated her probation period.

As quoted from detikhot, Lindsay who is now under house arrest seems to still be tempted by a few bottles of alcoholic beverages in the mini bar which contained her house. Lindsay failed to undergo one of two alcohol-free tests.

In fact, Judge Elden Fox asked the 24-year-old women abstain from alcohol during the serving time under house arrest. "Lindsay is still positive for alcohol tests," said one police source in Los Angeles.

The plan, Lindsay will return to stand trial at LAX Airport Courthouse on Thursday (23/06/2011) at 10.00 local time. Is Lindsay's jail term would be added?

For violating his probation, the star of the movie 'The Mean Girls' is today must be put under house arrest. He also prohibited out of his house until 29 June.

After a period of incarceration is over, Lindsay had to undergo during the 480 hours of social work. The plan, Lindsay will be working in the morgue at the Los Angeles Department of Coroner

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