Lady Diana's Personal Letter Published

Lady Diana Tell Her Friend about Her New Lifes at British Royal Family

Personal letter written by Princess Diana to her friend for the first time made public and will be auction. Dailymail proclaim, Tuesday (7 / 6), Diana "vent" through her writings that was sent to his fellow kindergarten teacher, Margaret Hodge. Diana writes the letter when she engaged and the beginning of her wedding with Prince Charles.

Diana Personal Letter

In one of letter, Diana said she is still had to learn to be part of the British Royal family. She envious of friends who can do anything. She also told her friend about the attitude of her husband, Charles, who did not care. In fact, she expressed joy for having had William.

"It is very hard here. I envy you who can walk for miles alone. I have been doing things that ordered. Nevertheless, Charles did not know my efforts. Basis of men," quotes one of Diana's letters.

"Our Friendship still stayed up until accidents scowled her life," said 69-year-old woman sadly. "Diana will be 50 years old soon, if she is still alive. She loved Charles. Throughout her life she hoped Charles also feels the same way," he said.

Collection letter also includes Christmas cards, wedding invitations, and letters during the honeymoon vacation at Balmoral. Private letters that never published it will be appreciated 20 thousand pounds

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