Justin Bieber New Tattoo

Yeshua Tattoo on Justin Bieber Side

Famous Teen pop singer, Justin Bieber has new tattoos on his body. Earlier, when he celebrate 16th anniversary, the singer of 'Baby' already has one small bird tattoo on the left hip.

As reported by Female First, on Friday (27/05/2011) new tattoo location Bieber is located at the bottom of the left armpit. Justin Bieber got a tattoo of Jesus’ Hebrew name (pronounced Yeshua).

According to sources, He got it during a recent trip to Israel, and had to get parental permission, because he is still a minor. After passing through a solid tour schedule, 17-year-old singer was often spent time for a vacation with her boyfriend.

Recently, Bieber also rumored to buy a necklace for U.S. $ 25 thousand for Selena Gomez. Necklace with rubies and diamonds inspired by the character of 'Family Guy', Stewie Griffin.

Bieber specifically ordered the necklace to a jewelry designer Jason Arasheben. "Necklace that has a specific vision of what he wanted to see," said Jason told TMZ

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