Futuristic Hyundai i40

In the Barcelona Motor Show 2011, Hyundai will bring in one new superior product four-door sedan, Hyundai i40. The presence of the Hyundai i40 Hyundai is due to efforts to meet market demand in Europe who are hungry for a car design that futurustik

With the slogan "New Thinking, New possibilities" i40 which had previously been shown in Geneva (March) offers pure European identity. In terms of design, Hyundai i40 trust deliberately designing this car to the Hyundai R & D Europe based in Russelsheim, Germany.

hyundai i40

Fluidic design refers to the language of Sculpture, inspiring all the latest models including the Hyundai i40 looks dynamic in all parts of the exterior. "We use a strong line from front to rear in order to become typical of the i40. Here, we want to move from box sedan model into a car that fits with the sporty nature," said chief designer of Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center Thomas Bürkle. Through soluet appearance, seemed part of a low roof extends.

Not only offering to khasan exterior, i40 also still provide a high level of comfort in the interior sector, with a wheelbase measuring 2.77 meters, i40 try to provide best-in-class dimensions, for the front head (1025mm), shoulder (1455mm), and leg (1170mm).

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