Finally Scotty McCreery Win American Idol 2011

Finally, the singing talent shows American Idol 2011 (tenth season) ends ... and Scotty McCreery (17 years) as the winner. Scotty won American public sympathy by voting more than its competitors Lauren Alaina vote (16 years). While voting collected for, the two finalists are fantastic as many as 122 million votes.

"Thank you so much," Scotty shouted excitedly, "never in my wildest dreams. I have to thank the Lord first though he got me here. “

Scotty McCreery

Gifts victory for Scotty is an album contract with Vivendi SA (VIV) from Universal Music.

Scotty Victory actually not too surprised him, as Scotty has a unique voice. Country music genre that brought even makes Scotty, different from the other contestants. So do not be surprised if Scotty's journey on American Idol (AI) in the tenth season, including seamless. Scotty just had a couple of times in not safe position; to go back Ryan Seacrest told to sit together in safe seats.

Judging from the history of previous AI winner, every genre already represented, Carrie Underwood (winner AI 4) that brought the genre of country music has become a very successful singer. Besides Carrie, there was Kelly Clarkson (winner AI 1), Kris Allen (AI winner -8 - ) and Lee Dewyze (AI winner 9) that carries the pop music. There continues to Taylor Hicks (the winner of AI 5) that carries the classic soul music (music named Taylor fans as the soul patrol). Keep no more Rubben Studdard (winner of AI 2), Fantasia (winner of AI 3) and Jordin Sparks (winner AI 6) that carries the R and B. Finally David Cook (winner AI 7) that carries the rock music.

However, in spite of it, country singer guy from the camp (before victory Scotty not exist yet). In addition, Scotty is now present along with Carrie Underwood in country music genre, which incidentally is a very popular music American public. Get ready Scotty will reap success as Carrie .... Hoho...

Scotty McCreery was born in Garner, North Carolina on October 9, 1993. He had a mixture of blood from his father. His grandmother was Puerto Rico, while the native American grandfather.

Scotty doing auditions in Milwaukee. The song that brought at the audition was "Your Man" and "Put Some Drive in Your Country". Scotty originally auditioned at the urging of his friend. Friend jokingly said that if Scotty would get a golden ticket and went to Hollywood. Scotty not only goes to Hollywood but even the winner of the singing competition which every year is always increasing demand of this.

Small Scotty loved to imitate Elvis Presley. When Halloween arrives, sometimes he uses Elvis costumes mimicking how to talk to Elvis "Thank you, thank you very much." At ten years (fifth grade), he started learning to play guitar. He often sat in the backseat of her school bus to sing Elvis songs.

Remove the favorite to Elvis he began like country songs. His favorite singer is Garth Brooks. Another singer Scotty influence in music is Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Conway Twitty.

When high school (Scotty schools in Garner Magnet High School), he joined the vocal group, Die Meistersingers. He often performed in various singing competitions while studying and working as a cashier, before it joins the competition of AI.

Scotty's family was like the singing. His father and mother (Judy and Mike McCreery) are people who worship and obey familiarize Scotty went to church every week and sing there. In addition, it is one of the preferred Scotty. However, of all the families who have a hobby of singing, the sound of Scotty was the best.

Scotty also loves sports baseball and joins the baseball team at his school, Garner Trojans.

Oh, yes, a funny from Scotty is, even though he likes country music, but he does not like to wear cowboy hats.

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