William - Kate is not permitted Visit Beckham?

Among many celebrities who got an invitation to attend the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April were David Beckham and Victoria. Strangely, these British royal newlyweds reportedly prohibited visiting David Beckham family, although they invited William and Kate to visit their house.

"William and Kate should be able to give the right impression when they make an official visit to another country for the first time as husband and wife, “said a source quoted from Splash News. It seems there is concern that William and Kate visit to America later on will damage the image of the British Royal.

prince William

"Gonna be a big disaster if during a visit to Los Angeles later they were actually trapped in the publication of Hollywood celebrities, “added the same source. Prince William and Kate Middleton scheduled to visit California for the affairs of social affairs. Looks like this news made a lot of celebrities so interested to host the newlyweds made it but unfortunately it did not seem their wish would come true because the kingdom objection.

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