Sony PSN Back Up

According to, Sony proclaim that when their PSN service goes back up this week, users would receive "30 days free membership to PlayStation Plus for new and current PS Plus subscribers and 30 days free service to Qriocity subscribers." It is hypothesize that PSN will go live first in Japan.

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If you are bothering and tired of the Playstation network down problem, I can empathize your dissatisfaction. The network has been down for over 2 weeks and more than 70 million accounts, so the same with many people who really want to play. Our final time limit for the issue of May 4 but who have come and gone. Now Sony's be careful to give a time limit because there is no guarantee when the PSN will be back up.

Playstation network down problem has apologized repeatedly. This strike is not one of Sony but few believe that their security should have been in better condition. The companies now convince users that they do everything in their power to get the network back up and to make things a lot safer if there is another attack. They do not want another Playstation network down problem on their hands again.

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