Harold Camping New Doomsday Prediction October 21

Harold Camping doomsday predictions May 21 2011 has failed and not proven. However, what about the followers who had been carried away with predictions and with passion spread the message.

Now this nation has learned that camping prediction has proved a total failure and now attention turned to his followers who were devastated.

Some of the Camping followers has spent all their savings and quit his job. This makes them frustrated and prone to violence leading to murder and a tendency to end their life.

Harold Camping Prediction

To prevent them from doing something stupid that could threaten their own safety and the people around him, church members are actively doing counseling and advice for people who waver for their finances back to normal and start a new life.

Apart from all these events, Harold Camping is still confident in his theory and once again announced a new doomsday date is October 21

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